CHEM2STAB is a unique common research laboratory (LabCom) in the world by teaming up chemists and biochemists from Avignon University (UMR 5247 – Equipe Chimie Bioorganique et Systèmes Amphiphiles – CBSA) and from the start-up CALIXAR located in France (Lyon).

The main goal of CHEM2STAB is to develop new molecules able to extract, to stabilize and/or to promote crystallization of therapeutic targets or antigens (membrane proteins) without denaturing them. The research in the field of reagents for proteomic studies more precisely for the validation of pharmaceutical targets, is recent with major social and economic stakes in the field of human and animal health.

Actually, socio-economic studies (2011, Mark E Bunnage Nature Chemical Biology 7 « Getting pharmaceutical R&D back on target ») have highlighted the lack of innovation in the worldwide pharmaceutical industry and beyond the need to strengthen the research in the field of target/antigen validation in particular by using soft chemistry processes avoiding the foiling of the targets/antigens. Evidently, that greatly impacts the quality and performance of drugs and vaccines developed from this targets/ antigens.

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